The cookie policy complements the Privacy Policy in the field of personal data processing with the use of cookies.

The cookie policy applies to the use of "cookies", the processing of personal data through them, which are used in the domain: and by means of the online sales software 'Shoper' provided by Shoper S.A. based in Kraków NIP 9452156998. The publisher of these websites is Modular-Tech Krzysztof Swęd NIP PL7961011244, based in Radom Poland, hereinafter referred to as PhotoGaleria Artsepia.

The personal data controller on the PhotoGaleria Artsepia websites is Krzysztof Swęd, the owner of Modular-Tech Krzysztof Swęd NIP PL7961011244 registered in the Central Register of Economic Activity in Poland.

The websites: PhotoGaleria Artsepia covered by this cookie policy are and

§ 1


Cookie files (so-called "cookies") constitute IT data, in particular, text files, which are stored on the Website User's end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) and are intended for using the website. Cookies are not harmful to Users or their devices, and they do not affect their operation in any way. They also do not cause any configuration changes in end devices or in the software installed on these devices. The Controller stores cookies on the User's device until the User logs out, closes the website or closes the web browser, while "permanent" cookies are stored on the Customer's end device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until their removal by the Customer.

§ 2

Cookies within PhotoGaleria Artsepia:

  • Google Analytics

  • System Cookies - necessary

  • Functional Cookies

  • Advertising Cookies

  1. System cookies - cookies used for the correct operation of PhotoGaleria Artsepia and to ensure security.

  2. Cookies used to improve the performance and quality of PhotoGaleria Artsepia

  3. Cookies that enable the provision of advertising content to Users on the basis of the manner in which they use PhotoGaleria Artsepia.

  4. Cookies that enable to save the settings selected by the User and adjust PhotoGaleria Artsepia to the User’s needs.

  5. For analytical purposes, the Controller uses Google Analytics (the cookie administrator is Google LLC headquartered in the United States),

  6. In order to increase popularity and reach the largest possible group of potential customers, the Controller uses such social networks as, (external cookie administrator: Facebook Inc based in the USA or Facebook Ireland based in Ireland) under the following name: @artsepiaradom.

  7. Google LLC, Facebook Inc and, Inc. are entities from a third country - the United States, which joined the Privacy Shield (confirmed by the European Commission) in order to ensure an adequate level of personal data protection required by the GDPR. Facebook, by granting the possibility of using social functions, such as sharing content on social networks and subscribing to Facebook social profiles, Instagram may involve the use of cookies of social network administrators.

  8. Cookies are also used to maintain the User's session after the User leaves PhotoGaleria Artsepia

§ 3

Cookies strategy

PhotoGaleria Artsepia uses applied Internet technologies to:

  1. ensure the functioning, security and reliability of the website;

  2. adapt the content of the websites to the User's preferences and optimize the use of the websites, improve the website (properly display the website tailored to the User’s individual needs);

  3. analyze and create statistics that help to understand how website Users use the websites, which allows to improve their structure and content;

Attention! At any time, the User may change the cookie settings and express an objection to the processing of their personal data by changing the cookie settings through changing the browser settings.

§ 4

Objection and withdrawal of consent to the installation of cookies

The User may at any time change their cookie settings and express an objection to the use of data contained in cookies or other similar technologies by PhotoGaleria Artsepia or our partners by changing the browser settings or using other ways to modify cookie settings. However, the withdrawal of such consent may cause irregularities for which PhotoGaleria Artsepia is not responsible. Information on how to configure cookie settings in mobile devices can be found on the websites of manufacturers of the most popular mobile systems (devices with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).





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